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As many of you will know, a tragic civil war took place in Sierra Leone between 1992 and 2002 which resulted in an estimated 50,000 people killed with many more seriously maimed and injured. Hundreds of thousands of people were forced from their homes in the countryside to relative safety in the capital city of Freetown.

Unfortunately, and as a direct consequence, Freetown is now massively overcrowded with many people existing in squalid conditions. Today, Sierra Leone is the lowest ranked country on the United Nations’ Human Development Index, and seventh lowest on the Human Poverty Index. Government policy is to encourage people to move back to the rural areas, such as the location of David’s school, 36 miles from Freetown and as such known as Mile 36.
During the Civil War, many communities were razed to the ground by the warring factions resulting in the complete absence of education in many areas, including at Mile 36. The availability of the David School will have a transformational impact on the community as a whole, providing both academic learning and practical skills training. The school is now also open in the evenings in order to enable the adult population to benefit as well as the children.



David’s Story

On a visit to Freetown in 2005, as part of a group working to extend a Fistula Clinic operated by Mercy Ships in an area known as Aberdeen, I became aware of the physical and emotional problems associated with life in this poverty-stricken and war-ravaged country. Continue reading “David’s Story”

Sponsor a Child


At the David School trust we try and think of as many ways as possible to bring value and continued development to the people of Mile 36 and The David School. At present, there are two main ways in which we do this: physical collection of goods donated which we tend to ship in bulk to Sierra Leone at set intervals throughout the year; and our newly launched Child Sponsorship programme. Continue reading “Sponsor a Child”

Our Progress


The David School Trust is a small UK based charity with very low administrative/ running costs, which aims, with its motto Education Changes Lives, to provide education and thus better life opportunities for children in Mile 36, Koya Chiefdom, Sierra Leone. This is a very rural area of the country, which had had no education prior to September 2008 when The David School Trust opened the first part of a primary school. Continue reading “Our Progress”

Vision For the Future

2017 Onwards- Ten Things To Aim For

1. Build and open a new toilet/washing facility at the school. This will have toilets with the washing area fed from a new borehole directly into a header tank (picture finished building June 2018) Continue reading “Vision For the Future”