Our Sponsors

2012 First Donation Shipped

The latest container of supplies kindly donated by a number of our generous supporters is now on its way to The David School.
The shipment reached its destination Freetown on Friday 30 March.

Special thanks must be made to:

Ramsey Vehicle Sales Ltd courtesy of Dean Wallis and Roger Nicholls for their provision of a vehicle for use during transportation.

The Charity has excellent support from the packing company Robert Claire, in London.

The majority of donated equipment, uniforms & school supplies are taken by van down to London, where they are packed & then transported in containers by ship to Freetown.  Paul & Mark are our key contacts at Robert Claire. Mark is the packing maestro & never ceases to amaze us with the quantity of kit that fits into a seemingly already full box! Paul kindly organises discounted shipping rates for the Charity & sees to our paperwork.
We very much appreciate the help that Mark, Paul & the other staff at Robert Claire continue to give us.