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The David School 

One A Day

A small group has just returned from the school to announce that we now have 365 pupils, one for every day in the year.

The school has grown massively from 100 pupils in October 2008 to the present total but with it brings a requirement for increased help and support.

The Charity Trustees are grateful to all who contribute – individuals, schools, companies and local Rotary Clubs.

Rotary Clubs of Peterborough, Ramsey, Peterborough Minster & Peterborough Ortons provide funding on a regular basis and help in many other ways. For example Peterborough Ortons are currently buying soap to ship out to the school. Peterborough organised a Charity Golf Day at Burghley Park in Stamford to raise funds for the David School and for Shelterbox, another Rotary Charity aimed at helping in disaster areas such as Haiti.

Wilds Lodge School at Empingham are filling shoeboxes with gifts to send out to the school. Chroma Sports & Trophies have embroidered school badges for all the pupils and have provided medals for Sports day.

During the Ebola outbreak and since then, the supply of World Health Organization’s feeding to schools has ceased. This means that a major problem for the pupils is lack of food which leads to subsequent related health problems. Local medical staff report an increasing number of conditions relating to malnutrition. The Charity is currently buying food on an occasional basis to feed all the pupils. The community’s ladies prepare and serve this food

Following David’s talks with the Ministry of Education, it is hoped that a feeding programme will be set up from September 2017, but until then, it is hoped to raise enough money to feed the pupils once or twice a week. If you feel you can help with this please email David on


Pupil Numbers

As at October 2016 pupil numbers were:

………………..Boys                Girls          Total

Class 1           22                  22           44

Class 2           15                  29           44

Class 3           24                  21           45

Class 4           24                  13           37

Class 5           21                  15           36

Class 6           15                  18           33

Total Primary children 239

JSSIa              17                    7           24

JSSIb              11                  13           24

JSS II              29                  16           45

JSSIII              25                    8           33

Total Secondary children 126

Overall Total 365

The David School Trust

Recent Activities

Shipping Trips to Robert Claire & Co Ltd, Belvedere, Kent

Using vans kindly provided by Ramsey Motors

27 June – Desks donated by Alan Burdass, a member of the Rotary Club of March. Now in school and assembled.

22 August – Handicraft and sewing goods collected by Sylvia Abblitt, 50 chairs previously used in Ely Cathedral which were donated by Dale Abblitt.

School materials including uniforms, shoes, books and other clothing.

13 September – Hand sewing machines serviced at no cost by Martin Yates, including one donated by his sister Gwyneth Smythe. Refurbished Computers bought from GreenIT, sets of English and Maths books, football kits, more uniforms and clothing donated by parents of pupils at Alderman Jacobs School, Whittlesey.


20 July- Sylvia Abblitt, a new member of the Rotary Club of Ramsey, hosted an event to collect craft and sewing materials to be sent and uses in Sierra Leone. The intention is to provide goods and training to help some of the women in the villages become more self-sufficient. In addition over £400 was raised.

18 August – Lesley and John O’Reilly, also members of the Rotary Club of Ramsey opened their house to host a fundraising event for local charities. Our Trust is one of these to benefit.

Donations for Food    Further information here

To date the charity has received almost £2000 to help to provide a daily school meal for the children. More than half of this was raised by a group of supporters from Stamford who to part in a Rat Race Dirty Weekend event.

This group have kindly raised several thousand pounds for the Charity over a four year period.


Coffee Morning in Aid of The David School

Ramsey Rotarians Sylvia Abbett and Jenny Stratton held a coffee morning at Sylvia’s home in aid of the school and also to seek useful craft material which could be shipped out and, hopefully, be put to good use by the children and their mothers.  It’s a good job that Sylvia had a large shed as she recieved a huge amount of different materials, including  several non-electric sewing machines (which a very kind volunteer agreed to service at no cost).

it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, so everyone sat out in her garden.  Sylvia had made lots of lovely cakes, with help from her friends, so no one went home hungry.

Between ticket sales and the raffle a fantastic sum of £447 was raised.


Excellent Exam Results

The latest NPSE and BECE results are the best achieved by the David School to date.

All the junior school pupils passed their final exams called National Primary School Examination (NPSE), and these pupils have now started on their lower secondary education.

DSCN1059All the lower secondary pupils passed their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE)

Unlike most English exams, secondary pupils in Sierra Leone have to pass English and Maths and gain passes in three other subjects in order to move onto the next level. The highest results were achieved by two girls, which is especially pleasing.

April 2016 Visit

Photographs taken during the visit:

School for the Blind

Isatu Bangura is a blind girl from our village who attends The Milton Margai Residential School for the blind in Freetown.

She is in her final year and we looked at possible Secondary Schools in that area.

It looks as if she will be offered a place at the Freetown Secondary School for Girls.

She will live at Milton Margai and we will arrange daily transport.

The man is Alfred Conteh, our driver and key man out there