School for the Blind

Isatu Bangura is a blind girl from our village who attends The Milton Margai Residential School for the blind in Freetown.

She is in her final year and we looked at possible Secondary Schools in that area.

It looks as if she will be offered a place at the Freetown Secondary School for Girls.

She will live at Milton Margai and we will arrange daily transport.

The man is Alfred Conteh, our driver and key man out there

Charities Working Together

IMG_0367On Thursday 17 December 2015 a group of people packed a container to send to Freetown, Sierra Leone.  Three charities, Police Aid Convoys, The David School and Street Child sent 130 bikes, clothing, equipment and health supplies.  IMG_0326

This work was completed in Retford with the help of Local Rotarians and representatives of the charities.  It took two hours to complete before the container went by lorry to Doncaster railway station and then by rail to Southampton.  The ship is due to arrive early in the second week of January 2016.

IMG_0348The School will receive 30 donated bikes to be used by senior pupils who currently walk for two hours to get to school.  In addition seven boxes of soap, toothpaste and other health supplies will be delivered to school.IMG_0345

Everything was donated and the charity only had to fund a few gallons of diesel fuel.IMG_0328

Sierra Leone – The David School

Dear All,
Wonderful news today – Sierra Leone is officially Ebola free and the Foreign Office have lifted their travel ban.
We hope that direct flights will resume again within the next few weeks.
Thank you for all your help and patience through these difficult times.
Best wishes

David’s visit to Stamford Inner Wheel on 12/03/15

P1010955Left to right Lord Mayor of Stamford, Councillor Clem Walden, Jan Mayling (President Stamford Inner Wheel), Kathy Walpole (Club International Services Officer), Mrs Walden and me!
Over 100 ladies from Inner wheel Clubs across the area attended. Lunch and then a presentation which was well received. I received a cheque for £250. Janet got a plant!!

Gifts For The Children

ashbeachPupils from the Ashbeach School in Ramsey St Mary’s, Cambridgeshire have filled boxes with gifts for children at the David School, and these have now been shipped out to Freetown, ready to be distributed. The  boxes contained items like pencils and other wrting materials, balls, small cuddly animals and toys, as well as a letter from the child who filled the box.