Vision For the Future

2017 Onwards- Ten Things To Aim For

1. Build and open a new toilet/washing facility at the school. This will have toilets with the washing area fed from a new borehole directly into a header tank (picture finished building June 2018)

2. Refurbish the second of the original two buildings and replace timber as necessary.

3. Install a 1kW solar system to provide light in this building.

4. Explore training opportunities in the area for school leavers.

5. Continue to raise standards in learning, monitored through improved exam results.

6. Develop the new resource centre/library into a major learning area for the school and community. This will involve buying and installing storage and display fittings, audio visual equipment, computing facilities and a relevant security system.

7. Continue to ensure that clean water is available for our pupils in outlying villages by organising repair and maintenance programmes for the manual pumps.

8. Complete the programme of fitting ceramic tiles to classroom floors which are currently concrete. This will allow them to be mopped, greatly reducing dust pollution.

9. Expand and develop the expectations of community members, particularly the women, by providing education and guidance.

10. Arrange a regular clinic in school provided by local medical practitioners. This will provide free treatment and advice for pupils but with small charges to others.

These major developments will require substantial funding with the majority expected through Rotary Grants in the UK and Norway.
The charity is also constantly raising money to meet the annual running costs of the school, currently around £15,000 per annum. Much of this comes from pupil sponsorship which has increased encouragingly since 2013-14 and discussion continues with the Ministry in Freetown about the provision of some financial aid for the school.