Wind-Up Radios

Thanks to the generosity of the Girdlers’ Company Charitable Trust, we have been able to ship 35 Roberts Wind-up radios out to the community to giedlers companyallow the children to access the radio lessons that the government are providing until schools are given permission to open again. For more information about the Girdlers’Company, visit their website at

Update:  The 35 Roberts Wind-up radios have arrived at the school and are being put to good use. Lessons are broadcast every school day with Primary sessions from 10-11am, Lower Secondary ones from 2-3pm and those for Upper Secondary pupils from 4-5pm.  Different subjects are covered each day. At Mile 36, the teachers work with pupils within small groups at these times – close to where the children live.  Some of the parents are involved with helping, so they are learning as well