Good News From David

I am pleased to report that the Ministry of Education in Sierra Leone has agreed in principle to recognise the school.
This approval has been achieved after several years of effort, a clear demonstration of improving standards and provision of facilities second to none.
Tremendous thanks to all of you for your support and commitment.
Staff have now submitted their certificates to the Ministry and will be placed on the national pay-scales and paid directly by the government, a great saving for the charity, freeing monies for other crucial developments at the school. The school will remain independent and free to pupils, yet receive this additional financial and some educational support.
We will be in Sierra Leone soon to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the school. Newsletter in early November on our return.
More information will gradually become available and I will keep you informed.
Much has been achieved and the Trustees look forward to your continuing support in providing life chances for our disadvantaged young people, many of whom are orphans.

Thank you again.