Coronavirus Epidemic

David School Update March 2020

The Corona virus epidemic is changing many aspects of our lives here in the UK and also causing increasing concerns in West Africa.

We heard last weekend that the Government of Sierra Leone had introduced two weeks compulsory quarantine for visitors from the UK. This was followed by the cancellation of flights to Freetown making any visits impossible in the foreseeable future.

Although currently there are no cases of the infection, their Government has decided to close all schools from 31st March as a preventative measure. This is an early start to the normal Easter break.

Teachers are currently insisting on all children washing their hands on arrival at school and taking everyone’s temperature. Lessons learned from the Ebola crisis two years ago. The Charity is supporting their efforts by providing soap, additional guidance and encouragement.

On a more positive note the first food supplies have been delivered to school under the scheme to feed all primary pupils at lunchtime. Training will be given to parent volunteers who will prepare and serve the meals. We hope this will begin as soon as the school re-opens.

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