Coronavirus Update

We currently have 411 children on roll with 14 teachers and five classroom helpers.
New school term started on Monday 4 January.

I am pleased to report that all is well and we have no cases in children or their families.

Teachers have been vigilant and pupils have received advice and training on the precautions necessary to avoid infection.

We maintain regular contact by electronic means although we are unable to travel

School term ended on Friday 19th and I feel sure that everyone, especially the teachers will enjoy the festivities.

Lots of movement of pupils going to stay with relatives which may cause a possible transmission issue. This was one way that Ebola spread so quickly but hopefully now the authorities will have learned

The virus doesn’t seem to have been a major problem in West Africa although information is very sparse and limited in validity.

BBC data records 2500 confirmed cases in Sierra Leone with sadly 75 deaths. These are most likely to be in densely populated Freetown rather than in rural villages.

David Wallwork