Message from a teacher at the school

Dear Trustees,
I have been following the unfortunate events around the Corona virus pandemic with heightened concern. The sheer number of confirmed cases and the dazzling death rate all around you, our loved ones, have compounded my anxiety. Each passing moment, hour and day, deepens my sadness about the grave danger that you have to contend with.

There can be nothing terrifying than to find oneself in a situation like this where one is apparently powerless and having nowhere to run to. The whole WORLD is on lock down in the face of a merciless plague.

In Sierra Leone, as you would have heard, we have recorded a few confirmed cases and in addition to several other measures, the government has ordered a lock down starting this Sunday.

At this very difficult moment, dear Trustees and friends of The David School, as the world continues to collectively fight off this anathema, I stand in solidarity with all of you in UK and Norway in prayers for God’s guidance, protection and grace over you and your loved ones.
Please continue to do everything to stay safe and may God save us all.

With Love.
Foday Sahid Kanu
Mathematics teacher at The David School, Mile 36.