Eight Bridges Walk

Trustees, volunteers, pupils and staff of King Edward’s School , Witley completed the eight miles, eight bridges walk last Saturday.
Currently £1000 has been raised with more promised.
Andrew Williamson and his son Nathan (above), a pupil at the school walked 50 miles from Windsor Castle and we all joined him for the final leg.
A great day was had by all (pictures below).
Thanks to all our supporters.


Thames Towpath Walk

Please Can You Help?

In June 2019, two supporters of the David School are walking 50 miles along the River Thames Towpath from Windsor to the Tower of London.

Andrew Williamson (one of David Wallwork’s ex-pupils) and his son, Nathan, who is a pupil at King Edward’s School, Witley, are undertaking this walk to raise money for two charities – the David School and the Bridewell Foundation, which provides bursary funding for disadvantaged children to benefit from a place at King Edward’s.

On Saturday 22nd June, Andrew and Nathan will be joined by David along with a group of David School Trustees and volunteers on a 7 mile circular walk from Westminster to the Tower of London, crossing 8 London bridges on the way. Andrew and Nathan are looking forward to having some company and some different people to talk to.

The money raised for the David School will be used towards building a hostel for homeless pupils at the school. As the economic situation deteriorates in Sierra Leone, more and more of our pupils are without family to feed and look after them.

Can you please support everyone’s efforts?    As Andrew says, “Without your support this will simply be a father and son embarking on a 50 mile walk along a river. A nice thing to do but we want to achieve rather more than that and with your help we can! “

To contribute, please donate by via Virgin Money Giving. This is an online donation service. Press here for link.

Thank you very much from everyone who will benefit from your kind donations. Everything is much appreciated!

The David School Trust               Charity Number 1129314            

Appeal for Long Lasting Soccer Balls

David’s son in law has started another appeal for footballs.The link is: https://onewrld.co/2HsJ3ND  which gives all the details. People buy and when the appeal ends they are all shipped to him for sending to school.

The campaign is running with One World Play Project to raise ultra-durable One World Futbols, soccer balls that never need a pump and never go flat, for The David School. Unlike standard soccer balls, which puncture and break easily on rough terrain, One World Futbols are proven to last.

Soccer is universally loved in Sierra Leone, but few children have access to a ball. Balls that we have taken to the school wear out very quickly on the hard baked clay or are punctured on the sharp surrounding scrub. Pumps break and valves clog. The One World Futbol seems like the only ball that could survive!

School’s Ten Year Anniversary

The article below was written by Rotarian Janet Cooke and published in the Peterborough Telegraph, on 24th January 2019.

2018 was a milestone for the David School in Sierra Leone; marking ten years since Ramsey Rotarian David Wallwork set up the school that has grown and prospered ever since.  To mark this important occasion David visited the community along with family members, local Rotarians and even a Rotarian from Norway.

The anniversary was marked by a day of celebrations starting with a three mile parade led by the school’s banner.  Pupils and teachers wore T-shirts designed for the occasion.  Food was then provided for everyone before an assembly with speeches and entertainment provided by the pupils.  As a lasting memory of this anniversary every pupil was given three plates, two dishes and a spoon – quite a change as they usually eat with their fingers!

The new toilet block is in use and has proved to be very successful.  A lady from the community is employed to supervise and clean it.  More floors have been tiled, gutters cleaned, the pump maintained and lots of painting done.  New audio-visual equipment has been installed with TV, radio, projector and a large screen.  A deaf/mute young man from the community has been employed as school caretaker and security guard.  He can be seen after dark patrolling with torch in one hand and machete in the other – quite a force to be reckoned with!

In addition to the 10th anniversary T-shirt, worn out uniforms were replaced and other clothing distributed to the needy.  The contraception programme is proving to be very successful so more girls are continuing their secondary education.  Provision of sanitary ware is also proving popular.

The Sierra Leone government has been so impressed with the work done by the David School in the last ten years that they are considering approving it as a government school.  This would mean they will pay for qualified teachers’ salaries, exam fees and books and equipment for primary pupils.  The school will continue to be independent and education free for pupils.

This is a truly inspiring example of a highly successful and sustainable Rotary project initiated and meticulously maintained by a local Rotarian.  The David School provides education, employment and general well-being for people living in one of the poorest areas of the world.  Well done David.

Good News From David

I am pleased to report that the Ministry of Education in Sierra Leone has agreed in principle to recognise the school.
This approval has been achieved after several years of effort, a clear demonstration of improving standards and provision of facilities second to none.
Tremendous thanks to all of you for your support and commitment.
Staff have now submitted their certificates to the Ministry and will be placed on the national pay-scales and paid directly by the government, a great saving for the charity, freeing monies for other crucial developments at the school. The school will remain independent and free to pupils, yet receive this additional financial and some educational support.
We will be in Sierra Leone soon to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the school. Newsletter in early November on our return.
More information will gradually become available and I will keep you informed.
Much has been achieved and the Trustees look forward to your continuing support in providing life chances for our disadvantaged young people, many of whom are orphans.

Thank you again.


Spoon Collection

Ramsey Junior school children collected spoons to be sent out to Sierra Leone.  All our children will have a spoon rather than eating with their hands.  Spoons currently on the ocean and will be distributed in October.

The photograph shows David Wallwork accepting the spoons from the school children.