Soap Wanted

Careful hygiene helps prevent the spread of Ebola. To support this, and the teachers’ work in promoting hand-washing, we are now collecting bars of soap which we will ship out to the community. All contributions will be very gratefully received. Please email me at to find the best way of getting your contribution to me, as there may be a volunteer in your area prepared to act as a collector.

Update: The first 800 bars of soap which were shipped out to Sierra Leone at the end of November, have now arrived at the school. This will support the teachers’ work in promoting hand-washing, as careful hygiene helps prevent thespread of Ebola

Roll Out The Barrel

Thanks to Adrian Brewer, Rotary Club of Cowes (IOW) and Bill Leslie from the Rotary Club of Ellsmere Port, we now have 110 water barrels on their way to our villages in Sierra Leone.
No longer will small children have to carry water weighing up to 25kg on their heads, they can roll it home.
A simple solution to a perennial problem.
Please click on the link below to visit their website and read more about this wonderful project.
Roll Out the Rotary Barrel
Thank you on behalf of all our families. Watch here to see pictures of them being used.

November 2013 Trip

The latest trip to the school in Sierra Leone is going well. David, Catherine and Michael have been joined by two Norwegians, Kjell Hoydal and Per Helge Josok, who are making preparations for completing the secondary school next year. They are particularly concentrating on the roof, which they will return to build next March. The children with sight problems have been checked and their spectacles changed when necessary. On Saturday 23rd November the 23 pupils who passed their primary school exams will be taken to the beach for a party, along with the school’s 7 teachers. The team will meet the Paramount Chief and the Rotary Club of Makeni on Sunday 24th. David has run a workshop at the Milton Margai Residential School for the Blind in Freetown, which Isatu from Mile 36 attends. He talked to staff about how to integrate blind pupils into ordinary schools. He is also working on getting NGO status for the David School Trust.

Thanks to Norway

rotaryEveryone at the David School, Sierra Leone says

Thank You Norway

To Rotary Districts
District 2305 for DG 2012 Solar system,  DG 2013 Scholarship and GG 2014
District 2250 for GG 2014
To Rotary clubs:
Giske Rotary club   Hareid Rotary club   Herøy Rotary club   Molde Rotary club
Stranda Rotary club   Stryn Rotary club   Sykkylven Rotary club                Ulstein Rotary club   Ørsta Rotary club   Volda Rotary club

And particularly the following Rotarians who visited Sierra Leone & helped with the building: Harald Indresøvde,  John Stennes,  Kjell Høydal and Per Helge Josøk

Vikebygda Sanitetslag
The Coordinating Support Group
All Rotarian and non-Rotarians who sponsor children at The David School