Pen Portraits

Hello I am Philip and I am ten years of age and I attend The David School, class 5.
I live in the village with my aunt. My five brothers and two sisters live with my mother next door.
My favourite subject is Maths and I think I would like to be a Science teacher when I grow up.
I love to play football with my friends after school.
I sometimes call myself Mr David after Mr David at school because he is kind and helps us.
I like school very much.
I like to help other children very much, they are all my friends.
I am fourteen years of age and attend the David School, JSS1 junior secondary.
I first came to the school when I was six years old.
I live in the village Mile 36 with my family, two brothers and three sisters who all attend the school. I am the youngest child.
I particularly like the lesson of English Language and hope one day to be a teacher.
Out of school I like to be with my friends and enjoy skipping.
If I did not attend school, I would be at home fetching water.
My name is Isatu and I am fourteen years old.
I am in class JSS1 and my teacher says I am a hardworking pupil.
I really enjoy Business Studies and hope that when I leave school I can work in an office in Freetown.
I live in Mile 36 with my mother and father.
My father is a farmer and works long hours.
My mother is at home and I help her when not in school.
I like to be with my friends when not in school.
I am eighteen years of age and I live in an orphanage in Rolal.
It takes me half an hour to walk to school each day. I use the old road not the new busy road.
I was six years old when I first came to the school.
My favourite subject is Science and I hope to be a nurse one day.
I like school very much and when not in school spend time with friends.
When I leave the David School hope to go on to Further Education so I can achieve my ambition.
I was six years old when I first came to the school. I now live in Mamama which is about one and a half hours walk away.
I use the old road and walk to school with other pupils.
I am an only child and live with my Grandmother.
I help my Grandmother as much as I can at home, I fetch water from the stream, not like at school where we have a water pump.
Chemistry is my favourite subject.
I would very much like to be a nurse and so hope with help and support I can go on to Further Education.
I would like to say I am very happy at the school. Thank you.
I first came to the David School when I was nine years old. I am now twenty seven years old and without the David school would not be where I am today, a teacher in Primary class 2 at the school.
The school supported me when I wanted to continue my education in Freetown.
I gained my WASS qualifications.
I returned to the village and volunteered at the School and was supported to gain my Teacher Certificate.
I will always be grateful for the help and support I have been given.
In 2019 I was fortunate enough to gain a teaching position in the school where I began as a little girl.
I live on site. My Aunt and my parents live in the village.
I also have brothers and sisters who attend the school.
When I am at home I like to read.
I am very happy here. Thank you all.
I am twenty years of age and I attend The David School, class SS3, senior class.
I first came to the school when I was ten years old.
I enjoy school very much, my favourite subjects are History and Government Literature.
My ambition is to be a political lawyer. I know I have to work hard and I will.
Sadly I have no parents so I look after my brothers, we live in the village close to the school.
Without the help and support from the school life would be so different. Thank you.